Staff & Crew

One of the best features of Lyons Field is its overall beauty.  A lush green outfield compliments the meticulous drag marks of the infield dirt.  Freshly painted bases sit along perfectly laid foul lines, and each home team is honored with an insignia behind home plate made especially for them.  Who could ask for anything more?

Lyons Field doesn’t stay beautiful on it’s own, however. There are many people involved in maintaining our home. 

Field Crew Staff Members:

Naaman Schlegel:
Naaman…the man, the myth, the legend.  Naaman has been involved with Lyons Field since 1998.  Naaman’s career began back when he was asked by Uncle Arlan to climb the backstop.  Uncle Arlan needed someone to retrieve the softballs that got stuck at the top of the fence, and Naaman was just the kid for the job.  A few trips up the backstop later, and Naaman became a regular at Lyons Field.  It wasn’t long before he was invited into the press box to help keep score with Rod Brunner and Donnie Lesher as they announced the games.  Naaman also helped Ronnie Scheidt for a bit in the concession stand that year.

In 1999, Uncle Arlan took over the care and maintenance of Lyons Field, and Naaman was right by his side eagerly learning the trade.  He continued his role keeping score and working in the concession stand as well.

In 2000, Naaman began announcing games at Lyons Field after Rod Brunner stepped down from the job.

In 2002, Naaman began mowing the grass at Lyons Field after Ronnie Scheidt stepped down from operations. 

Through the years, Naaman has been involved in just about every job associated with Lyons Field.  From picking up garbage and cleaning bathrooms, to mowing the field and announcing games, Naaman has proven his talent time and time again and has become a well-respected member of our Lyons Field community.  Each year, Naaman announces approximately 40 games and gets the field ready for more than 150 games.  Legend has it no one presents a better field than Naaman Schlegel!

So a simple favor to Uncle Arlan many years ago has turned into a great passion for Naaman, and has sparked the beginning of the next generation of Lyons Field.  In his own words…

“I pride myself on my work, and I’m not in this job for the money.  I try to keep Lyons Field looking nice for everyone who stops by.  I do the announcing to create an atmosphere for the fans and players so they can enjoy the game of softball the way it was meant to be.  The thing I love most about this job is the hundreds of great people I have met over the years, and the friendships I have made along the way.  I have no intentions of stopping my involvement with Lyons Field, and I’ll be here as long as the field is up and running.” 

Along with all of the above-mentioned accolades, there’s much more to know about Naaman Schlegel.  Naaman is an athlete as well.  He plays second base for Shorty’s Bar, a men’s Fastpitch team at Lyons Field.  Shorty’s plays on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Be sure to stop by and see Naaman’s blazing speed!

Naaman is a 2005 graduate of Kutztown High School where he played varsity baseball and soccer.  He is a 2009 graduate of West Chester University, where he majored in Elementary Education.  Naaman graduated with a 3.55 overall GPA.  Naaman is also an Eagle Scout, an accomplishment he added to his resume in 2005.